Game Rules

In order to play, players must agree to a few ground-rules set up to help (if not ensure) the enjoyment of all participants.

  • Racist, homophobic, or sexist language is unacceptable. Any game I run is meant to be a safe and enjoyable time for all. While Thedas is a dark place where horrific things happen often, none of these events should make any player feel personally uncomfortable. If any players are made uncomfortable by In Game or OOC events, they may voice their concern when they are ready to do so and expect immediate response by the GM. They may also voice concerns anonymously.
  • Don’t take things personally. I expect my players to put emotional depth into their characters, but to also be mature enough not to invest too much into the game. The world of Dragon Age is a dangerous place where player characters stand a significant chance of dying, and players must be able to accept this.
  • Players should make a good faith effort to be on time to all sessions or to inform the GM if they are going to be late. Furthermore, if a player chooses to leave the game for any reason, the player should contact the GM asap so a replacement can be found. No grudges will be held.
  • The GM will, as a matter of fairness, strive to ensure all players receive equal time and opportunity to play, which may stretch the logic of situations at times.
  • The GM will make a good faith effort to be prepared ahead of time for sessions.
  • Additional rules may be added due to to player input.

Any questions / clarifications /suggestions about these rules should be addressed to the GM.

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Game Rules

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