Why Hamachi?

Without getting too technical, the bottom line is that Hamachi is neccessary to play the game.

A more detailed explenation involves the way networks and ports work. Basically, the GM is behind an academic school firewall, and must therefore set up a ‘virtual network’ in order to allow players to connect and play on the game. Hamachi makes this possible.

What is Hamachi?

Hamachi is a simple software program designed to allow players to connect to each other and the GM for the purpose of playing.

How do I use Hamachi?

First, go here, check the box next to “Conditions of Use,” and download and install the Unmanaged Mode of Hamachi.

Next, load up Hamachi. Go to the Network tab and select “Join an existing network.” Finally, enter the Network ID and password you should have received in your e-mail. You can then right click where it says “HatterM” and select “open a chat window” to chat with me, the GM.

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