All players start with 60 silver pieces to spend on inventory. The conversion rates is as follows:

100 Silver = 1 Gold

100 Copper = 1 Silver

In addition, all character begin with the following items:

  • Backpack
  • Traveler’s garb
  • A waterskin

If you are a mage, you get one weapon and a wand.

If you are a rogue, you get light leather armor and two weapons.

If you are a warrior, you get heavy leather armor and three weapons.

Weapons and armor cannot be ‘sold back,’ as they are usually custom-forged and hand-made to a specific individual’s specifications.


  • 14sp Battle Axe
  • 10sp Throwing Axe
  • 20sp Two-Handed Axe
  • 12sp Mace
  • 14sp Maul
  • 19sp Two-Handed Maul
  • 20sp Crossbow
  • 9sp Short Bow
  • 15sp Long Bow
  • 4sp Gauntlet
Heavy Blades
  • 20sp Bastard Sword
  • 18sp Long Sword
  • 23sp Two-Handed Sword
Light Blades
  • 9sp Dagger
  • 14 sp Short Sword
  • 10 sp Throwing Knife
  • 12sp Spear
  • 12sp Throwing Spear
  • 20sp Two-Handed Spear
  • 1sp Club
  • 11sp Morningstar
  • 3sp Quarterstaff

Adventurer’s Supplies


  • Flint and Steel 10 cp – USEFUL, this is kind of the universal tool.
  • Healer’s Kit 25 sp – USEFUL, it’s hard to bandage folks up without this. You can only carry one. Good for one battle-field use. Double-1’s outside of battle mean it’s out of bandages.
  • Ink (Black, one vial) 20 cp – USEFUL, this stuff always seems to come in handy somehow.
  • Lock Picks 12 sp – USEFUL, practically a necessity for the common rogue. Careful, double ones on a roll means your picks break.
  • Mountain Garb 10 sp – USEFUL, especially if you plan on surviving those cold, mountainy winters…
  • Musical Instrument 10 sp – USEFUL, provided you know how to use it
  • Oil, Pint 8 cp – USEFUL, the stuff can keep a 2×2 yard area burning for 1d6 turns.
  • Rope (20 yards) 2 sp – USEFUL – rope always seems to be
  • Spike 5 cp – USEFUL – good for climbing
  • Torch 10 cp – USEFUL, especially in a night-time ambush, or for setting things ablaze.
  • Lamp 2 sp – Good for seeing things in the dark.
  • Lantern 5 sp – see above

Not Useful:

  • Arrows (20) 2 sp – NOT useful, you won’t be required to keep track of ammo
  • Bolts (20) 3 sp – NOT useful, see above
  • Backpack 9 sp – NOT useful, you already get one, and DA RPG has no encumbrance rules.
  • Candle (Pair) 5 cp – NOT useful, too cheap to be worth keeping track of.
  • Flask 50 cp – NOT useful, The rules don’t yet cover how to brew potions.
  • Pouch (Belt) 1 sp – NOT useful, in fact, this is kind of silly.
  • Tent, Large 35 sp – NOT useful, no matter how fancy your accoutrements, you won’t be getting a restful night’s sleep in the wilderness..
  • Tent, Small 10 sp – NOT useful, see above
  • Traveler’s Garb 15 sp – NOT useful, you start with this, and I’m not going to make you pay to change your clothes regularly.
  • Waterskin 40 cp – NOT useful, see above.
  • Whetstone 10 cp – NOT useful, if I made you sharpen your blades regularly, I’d kill myself from boredom.
  • Travel Rations – NOT useful, too much book-keeping to keep track of

Vehicles and Animals

Remember, the Animal Handling Talent is required in order to effectively train an animal to follow your commands.


  • Dog 15 sp – USEFUL, dogs are everywhere in Fereldan. Though they’re not exactly mabari, they are still loyal and fearsome companions.
  • Falcon 75 sp – USEFUL, in the hands of a skilled trainer, a falcon can track enemies, carry messages, as well as handle itself reasonably well in a fight.

Not Useful:

  • Riding Horse 120 sp – Neither Green Ronin nor DA Origins included any rules on riding horses. This might change, but until then, it’s too much house-ruling to get them to work.
  • Saddle 20 sp – USEFUL, see above
  • Saddlebags 10 sp – USEFUL, see above
  • Cart 20 sp – NOT USEFUL Unless you get a horse to pull it, not that useful.
  • Draft Horse 50 sp – NOT useful, unless you have to till a field
  • Feed (per day) 5 cp – NOT useful, dear god I won’t keep track
  • Mule 20 sp – NOT useful, who needs an ass along for the ride?
  • Stabling (per day) 10 cp – NOT USEFUL, too much book-keeping
  • Wagon 150 sp – NOT USEFUL, I honestly can’t see how this would come in handy, unless we’re on the Oregon trail.


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