Maptools is a relatively user-friendly, java-based program that enables players to play traditional table-top pen-and-paper rpgs live with one another over the internet.

Downloading, Installing, And Setting it Up

First things first, you can download maptools here. Be sure to get build 63 as other builds will be incompatible with the game.

Next, simply unzip the maptools file to a safe place on your hard drive. To start maptools, use the MapToolLauncher. I would reccomend creating a shortcut to this program and adding it to your desktop.

If maptools is working right, it should pull up a dialogue box with the maptools symbol and couple of text boxes. Max and Min memory control how much memory your computer allocates to maptools. I recommend setting both of these amounts to around 1000 (megabytes). Stack size should, for most intents and purposes, be left at 2. If you find that maptools is slowing down or having problems during play, the solution is usually to increase these values.

If maptools fails to start, it’s probably worth checking to make sure you have the right version of Java here.

Once maptools starts, you should see a window pop up with a number of smaller boxes inside of it, one of which should be filled with an image of green grass. Congrats! You got maptools to work!

Connecting to the Server

The game server probably won’t be up until at least an hour or so before a session’s start time. Usually, an announcement will be made via e-mail when the server has been started. To connect to the server, first load up Hamachi and right click where it says “HatterM”. Then, select “copy address.”

Now, go to maptools and select “File → Connect to Server…”. A dialogue box should appear. In this box, first select the “Direct” tab. In the “Address” field, copy the address you took from Hamachi. Under port, put 51234. For Username, put in a name you would like to be referred to (as a player, not a character) and under password, put in the password you relieved via e-mail. Then, simply hit “Okay” and you should connect to the server! You’ll know you’ve connected once a line of blue text tells you in the chat window.

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